The tips begin at a different place in each module. The advice moves along with the stages of the course.

A person doesn't choose their mood. A person is thrown into a mood. However, you can learn to counter a bad mood with a better mood. A calm, engaged mindset is optimal for the MCAT. If a difficult passage has left you feeling stressed, close your eyes and clear your mind for a few seconds before starting the next passage. Don't let the MCAT roll you. Close your eyes. Clear your mind and breathe in slowly for four seconds. Hold it for four seconds. And breathe out slowly for four seconds. Relax your body. You can meditate for just a single breath.

Suggested Assignments

Science Focus

For another cycle of careful study, revisit the conceptual materials in your book-set (TBR or Kaplan) within the subjects of Cell & Molecular Biology.  hover

Complete the 2nd half of the practice items in your book-set within the subjects of Cell & Molecular Biology. These were reserved after the biology cycle work in modules 3-6.

Watch the videos for Module 14 - Molecular Biology Fundamentals, Signal Transduction Pathways, and Genomics Laboratory.

Comprehensive review/skim of Lippincott - Cell & Molecular Biology from start to finish. 

Choose from the resources available within the Topic Pages to reinforce and supplement learning.

Conceptual Integration

Read the Interdisciplinary Notes for Module 14.

Play Catch Blue.

Biology Cycle

Complete the in-depth cycle we began in module 12 working through the materials covering human physiology in your book-set. Study the conceptual materials and perform the odd numbered practice items.. 


Study the conceptual treatment of Social Structure in your MCAT book-set and complete the odd numbered problems.

Continue review of the conceptual vocabulary for Social Structure using the illustrated conceptual primer on this site.

Extend practice using the Essential Concepts ANKI Deck to include the Social Structure cards. 

Integrated Course practice items:


Perform a complete review of CARS lessons 1-12, the AAMC Question Pack passages, and the Diagnostic Tool. Inventory your core methods. Reinforce everything you've learned about CARS passages and questions. Coming in module 15: Full Length Sample Test!

MCAT Practice

Module 14 MCAT Strategies Managing time in the science sections.

Complete the Section Bank at AAMC.

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