Module 5 Psych Soc Strategy - Learning

  • Learning is on every MCAT.

    Fom the biological basis of behavior to social structure, every psychology subject can give rise to questions on the exam. In that sense they are all equal, but learning is a favorite. Learning is one of the most important subjects for the exam, so study this chapter well. You want to recognize it whenever a passage begins using the particular vocabulary of classical conditioning, operant conditioning or socio-cognitive learning. The exam writers will be very interested to see that you noticed. Pay special attention to the seminal experiments that facilitated the evolution of the understanding of learning in psychology. Bring the different theories of learning into dialogue with each other.

  • We are in a rhythm now

    Let's keep up our steady progress through the psychology content. This is a very specific plan. It is tried-and-true. At the risk of repeating ourselves, remember that with each new subject, we first get oriented with TBR or Kaplan. Study their materials and do some of their practice items, which gives you a good introduction to the subject. Then use the Integrated Course conceptual review to make yourself accountable and organize your knowledge base. Finally, complete the Integrated Course set of 50 practice items. Then we're on to the next one.

Suggested Assignments

Study the conceptual treatment of Learning in your MCAT book-set and complete the odd numbered problems.

Review the conceptual vocabulary for Learning using the illustrated conceptual primer on this site.

Extend practice using the Essential Concepts ANKI Deck to include the Learning cards. 

Integrated Course practice items:

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