Module 7 - Types of CARS passages

  • The taxonomy of passages

    Beginning a passage, you make an opening into a world as the language unfolds. The passage discloses itself. What type of essay you are reading? The sooner you answer, the sooner you come into a clearing. Types, genres, kinds, classes, families. This is how we make sense the world. Entities appear to human beings as part of an opening in intelligibility. It helps reading comprehension to understand that there are types of MCAT passages - arguments of fact, arguments of definition, arguments of evaluation and proposals. Each of these types of argument have different general characteristics which we will discuss in this lesson.

Suggested Assignments

Module 7 CARS Lesson Types of CARS passages.

Perform the second 7 passages (questions 44-80) from CARS Question Pack, Vol. 2. Give yourself 65 minutes to complete the passages. Before scoring them, perform a blind review.

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