Module 6 - What is an argument?

  • Structuring arguments

    In this module we look at a few of the traditional ways arguments are structured - classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin. The authors who write MCAT passages are schooled in the structure of argument, and so are the question writers at AAMC. To understand how these structures function in essay writing to support the claims made by an author is to make a significant step towards learning how to read an essay critically.

    People who are "naturals" at CARS often have an intuitive sense of the purposes of structure in argumentation. This can happen without a formal introduction, especially if the person has had a rich reading life. However, knowing a little can go a long way here. For those who reach a plateau in CARS, learning this aspect of authorial intention more explicitly - as well as question writer intention - can be the key to climbing to the next level.

Suggested Assignments

Module 6 CARS Lesson What is an argument.

Choose three or four passages you've already performed in the Question Packs. Study them closely in the light of the classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin models of argument. 

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